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A little bit about us
Gary Cross & Claire Adams, owners of Clarabella's Bars & Events have always had a passion for champagnes and fine wines, only ever dreaming of owning a swanky cocktail bar, however, dreams can come true and for them, it came in the form of a Horse box!

We are both very open and enjoy socialising so we came up with Clarabella's (named after Claire's daughter, Isabella). Gary was a car salesman and Claire, an owner of a successful childcare recruitment agency, who organised event childcare for weddings, celebrations and sporting events, had witnessed first hand the growth of outdoor events and small unique pop up bars.

It has been a passion project for our family and we have dedicated time and effort to get it to the place it is today, a place that we are very proud of.

Our vision
While the market already offered mobile bars, the majority had a rustic country feel and Claire believed there was a gap in the market for stylish glamour and sparkle.

Through their jobs Gary & Claire had established many successful and longstanding relationships with event organisers, exclusive venue owners and party planners, who were often looking for a unique stylish bar to offer a bespoke personal service to their clients and guests.

Our vision began to take shape when we realised that we could mix our love for social gatherings, friends weddings, music and sporting events with our love for champagnes and fine wines.

We knew what we wanted to create and decided to try and develop a portable concept where we could popup at events around the country. However, we wanted to be different, stand out from the others around us so we conceptualised a horsebox and after finding one we liked we began converting it in to Clarabella's Horsebox Bar.

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