Little Extras

for Mini VIP's

Mocktails & Smoothies

A selection of fun, tasty and refreshing drinks for the kids to enjoy made up of fruitiness and other delights.

Candy Station

Not with the intention of providing the chidren with a sugar rush but the candy station is soooo veeeerrrry sweeeeeeeeet.

Bell Tent Activity Tents

Fun activities for the children to enjoy within an interactive and creative environment. Ideal to keep the children occupied.

Giant Garden Games Area

A fantastic selection of classic games in giant format. Engage with Connect 4, strategise with chess or skip, jump and hop around with snakes n' ladders.

Child care

Fun & Games

Childcare is an important factor to consider when attending any party, social gathering or event. We cater for your childcare needs by organising fun games for the children to get involved with. So while you are enjoying the event, you can rest assured that your children are well taken care of. Our extensive expertise and background in childcare qualify us to offer this added benefit for your clients' or guests.